Open access is a free, fast, permanent, full-text access to the real-time scientific and educational materials, which is available for any user in the global information network, mainly in the peer-reviewed research journals.

Open access to the scientific literature means the free online copies of peer-reviewed journal articles, speeches at conferences, technical reports, research materials, theses and dissertations. In most cases, there are no licensing warnings for readers to use. Consequently, they can be freely used for research, training and other purposes.

The editorial board of the journal "International Bulletin on Public Administration and Legal Affairs" is aimed at sharing useful innovations both theoretical and practical, in order to stimulate the exchange of scientific achievements and further implementation of the results of scientific researches, experiments, as well as the concepts developed as a result of numerous discussions. The technology and economic issues of the publishing industry and the work of libraries are being developed in the social communication system. Therefore, the task of the journal is to inform about cases, which would strengthen the library science and the status of libraries. It will increase access to the "general stock of knowledge"

The journal "International Bulletin on Public Administration and Legal Affairs" supports the initiative of the open access to knowledge through the development of the free electronic archives (institutional repositories) and electronic journals of the Ukrainian universities.

All articles are placed for an indefinite period of time and free of charge immediately after every issue of the journal. Full text access in real time to the scientific articles of the journal is available on the official website of the magazine.

Budapest Declaration of the open access


The open archives map 

The list of the open archives in Ukraine in the OpenDOAR catalog and in the ROAR catalog.  

The  website contains general information about the open access archives, the archives list and the directory for creating your own archive.