Review articles

In order to follow the principles of academic integrity and ethical norms, which are adopted by the international scientific community, the obligatory procedure of reviewing all articles, which are received by the editorial office of the "International Bulletin on Public Administration and Legal Affairs", is envisaged.

The purpose of the review is to facilitate the selection of the manuscripts for the publication and to make specific recommendations for their improvement. The review procedure is aimed at the maximum objective assessment of the content of the scientific articles. Their compliance with the journal's requirements is determined. It provides the comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the provided articles' materials.

The journal uses the doubleblind reviews (both reviewers do not know each other). The members of the editorial board and the highly skilled specialists (doctors of sciences and professors), who have good knowledge, relevant competence and experience in the corresponding sphere of science, are invited to review the articles.

Analysis and critical assessment of the scientific articles, comments and propositions on their improvement are carried out by the reviewers with the use of the review form.

The term of the review in each case is determined taking into account the creation of the conditions for the maximum prompt publication of the article. It can not exceed two weeks.

The reviewer comments on the quality of the manuscript in the following terms: scientific novelty, reasonableness of the results,  significance of the results, clarity of the content and quality of the design.

Accordingly, the decision is made on the expediency of its publication, on the need to improve the manuscript or on the inexpediency of the publication.

If the article's publication is rejected, the editorial office provides the author with the motivated refusal.